Model LG-2 LG-4
Min Format(Y) 400mm 650mm
Min Format(X 400mm 450mm
Max Format(Y) 950mm 1220mm
Max Format(X) 1260mm 1640mm
Min Label Size(Y) 105mm 105mm
Min Label Size(X) 148mm 148mm
Min Ream Height 40mm 40mm
Max Ream Height 165mm 165mm
Max Pile Height 1300mm 1600mm
Max Loading 200kg 300kg
Unloading time 18-30s 22-37s
Noise Level <70db <70db

Unloader has the function inlcuding auto paper feeding ,unloading and stacking which can unlaod the paper from working table rapidly .

1.Infrared Bar can detect paper position accurately to ensure pile can stack in order .
2.Operation is convenient with 10.4 touching screen .
3.Anti-collision flexible safety bar can avoid machine from hurting itself and body during machine running .
4.Pneumatic gripper can avoid paper corner from hitting by out force .
5.Machine adopt German Nord motor with stable running and low noice .Machine has the function including left alignment ,middle aligment ,right aligment ,free flapping and so on .

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