SBL 820E


Maximum Paper Size : 815 x 605 mm
Minimum Paper Size : 320 x 280 mm
Maximum Cutting Size : 805 x 590 mm
Maximum Cutting Pressure : 200 Tons
Paper Thickness (Stock Range) : 0.1 – 2 mm
Register Tolerance : +/- 0.15mm
Minimum Gripper Margin : 9.5 mm
Inner Chase Size : 926 x 618 mm
Face Plate Size : 848 x 600 mm
Maximum Cutting Speed : 8,000 cycles per hour
Variable Speed Main Motor : 7.5 Kw
Main Machine Power Required : 220 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 40A
Machine Dimensions : 6513 x 1876 x 1834 mm
Total Weight (approx.) : 10.0 Tons



  1. Wide feeding range from 320x280mm to 815x605mm, maximum speed 8000 sheets/hour.
  2. Non-stop device for feeder and delivery station can ensure continuing production
  3. Slow down device on feed table to ensure precise sheet feeding.
  4. Double sheet and front lay register device can calibrate the sheet feeding.
  5. Push and pull 2-in-1 side guide device to handle different stocks.
  6. High strength alloy gripper bars.
  7. Touch screen monitor with computerised self-diagnostic system is easy to operate and helpful for troubleshooting on each section.
  8. Cutting pressure can be adjusted according to the stocks and the maximum pressure can up to 200 tons.
  9. Various stock cutting range from light paper to B-flute.
  10. The brush push down device and jogging device at delivery station to ensure proper stacking.
  11. Highly safe and reliable machine.


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