SBL 1300SE

Max. size 1300 x 950 mm
Min. size 600 x 450 mm
Max. die-cutting paper size 1290 x 940 mm
Min. gripper margin 9.5 mm
Die-cutting force 500 T
INNER size of die chase 1420 x 958 mm
Cutting plate size 1328 x 940 mm
Range of material thickness (g/m2) 0.1~2 mm(80~1400g/m2)
Corrugated paper ≤ 4 mm
Height of cutting rules 23.6 mm
Max. punching speed 6000 S/H
Register tolerance ±0.075 mm
Total power 30 KVA
Outer size of machine 6769L x 2170W x 2244H
Machine weight 23 T
Feeder pile height with pallet 1000 mm
Feeder pile height with pallet (without non-stop) 1200 mm
Delivery pile height 840 mm
Feeder pile height with  350mm elevation (optional) 1500 mm
Versión V.01
Small sheet device (optional)
Gripper bite (Minimum) 3 mm

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