Intelligent Loader

Model IPT-2
Min. Format(Y) 500mm
Min. Format(X) 650mm
Max. Format(Y) 900mm
Max. Format(X) 1280mm
Min. Ream height 40mm
Max. Ream height 165mm
Max. Pile height 1300m
Max. loading 250kg
Unloading time 30-40s
Noise level <75db

1.The machine serves for automating the pile taking and transporting onto the working table of high speed cutter .

2.The pile loading is fast ,safe and precise whcih reduces labor intensity to a large degree .

3.With laser position detecting device ,machine can detect paper position accurately .

4.WIthe flexible anti-collision safety bar,machine can stop immediately when it is touched .

5.The pneumatic gripper runs stable and softly for perfect pile loading and jogging

6.Operation is convenient with 10.4 touching screen .

7.Machine adopt German Nord motor with stable running and low noice .

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